“In the struggle for justice, the only reward is the opportunity to be in the struggle.”
~ Frederick Douglass

Saint Louis, MO

Serving you in:

Civil Rights & Constitutional Law • Employment Law

Special Education Law • Fair Housing • Disability Rights

Social Security & SSI • Adoptions & Foster Care

Social justice is not a term typically associated with law firms. But the Law Office of Thomas E. Kennedy, III, L.C. is not a typical law firm. Our lawyers are dedicated to providing high-quality representation to people whose rights were violated in the workplace or by governmental authorities. Our attorneys are accomplished trial lawyers, who litigate aggressively in both federal and state courts. We are often able to create systemic change through our efforts to enforce the law, and we relish such results. Our ability to handle complex cases against well-financed defendants never detracts from our determination to provide personally tailored legal solutions to people who have suffered from Civil Rights violations.


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